The First Annual Kitchen Reveal

November 18th, 2009

I am totally overwhelmed by the response to my request for pictures of your kitchens. I really didn’t know what to expect. Everyone who responded did such a beautiful job of opening up their kitchens to us that I feel we would all feel comfortable stopping by for a cup of coffee and a good chat. My Florida kitchen is different in many ways from the Lake Lure kitchen. The Lake Lure kitchen is all about tradition and home. That is where I keep my collection of copper cookware and cherished heirlooms from my Mother and Grandmother. The Florida kitchen is for our more carefree lifestyle where lobster pots and fun dishes are the norm.

Last year, we embarked on a kitchen remodel that brought about significant changes. We made the decision to swap out our old formica countertops with sleek Corian surfaces, giving our kitchen a more modern and polished look. As part of this transformation, we introduced a single Corian sink. While I appreciate the ample size of the single sink, I can’t help but admit that I still hold a preference for a double sink setup.

On the left side, you might notice an intriguing and somewhat eccentric contraption, which might appear like a torture device at first glance. However, it’s actually a specialized wine bottle opener, adding a unique and perhaps whimsical touch to our kitchen decor. Speaking of design choices, I must express my fondness for the corner sink arrangement that we opted for, offering an appealing aesthetic and a delightful view of the water through the two windows.

Now, let’s discuss the anchor plumbing that plays a crucial role in all of this. The plumbing, often unseen and underappreciated, serves as the foundation of our kitchen’s functionality. Behind these elegant features and design elements lies the plumbing, ensuring a seamless flow of water and proper drainage, making our culinary tasks efficient and enjoyable. So, while we revel in the visual aspects of our kitchen remodel, let’s not forget to acknowledge the plumbing work done by Kamloops BC to make this space truly remarkable

My stove is adequate but I would like to replace it sometime with a stainless steel gas stove. But the oven is large and it will be great for our Thanksgiving turkey.

The pantry is beyond the stove. I am not showing you the insides because we have only been here for a week and I am not organized yet.

Across from the stove is the microwave and refrigerator. Again it would be nice to have a stainless steel fridge but I think we will keep things as they are for now.
Below are pictures of my friend Lyla’s kitchen. She doesn’t have a blog but I asked her to send me pictures of her kitchen. We have just reconnected after not seeing each other since we were twelve years old. She loves to cook and wanted to share her kitchen in Michigan. Her problem was lack of counter space. She extended her counters in front of and around the windows to allow more work space and places for people to help out in the kitchen. She also mentioned that you might need to install new windows for additional nice ambiance and scenery while cooking if you need so as maverickwindows says.

She made her kitchen work for her. This is how all of you made your kitchens work for you. I was so glad to see what all of you had done. Here are all of the links in alphabetical order.
Dave from My Year on the Grill
Dave is trying to take over his wife’s kitchen. He is slowly getting more and more cabinet space for his grilling condiments. His wife is a talented faux artist because, I swear, his back wall looks like real brick. Some of his kitchen pieces were wedding gifts from the real Star Trek stars.
JoAnn has a knitting blog but she also loves to cook. Her kitchen is small and efficient with a wonderful place for cookbooks at the end of her counter. I was touched by the plaque that she displays next to her stove which was originally in her Mother’s kitchen. She leaves us with a recipe for Two-toned fudge brownies.
Kate gives us a picture of the progression of her ideas of what makes a great kitchen. If June Cleaver and Margaret Anderson can have lots of counter space why can’t she. Her kitchen island is very important to her. I think she cooks in pearls.
Katherine and her family have survived Katrina and moved to the mountains of Tennesee. One of the features in her kitchen is her Grandmother’s Turkey platter which has survived four moves. Her beautiful kitchen is the hub of her home and in the center of everything.
Mary’s kitchen is just what I would have expected. She lives in Oregon and her kitchen is bright, beautiful and organized. You have to see her full and functional pantry. She turns out amazing food on a daily basis.
Natashya turns out beautiful food from a small but efficient kitchen. She packs alot of cooking tools into a small space. Her collection of bundt pans and full pot rack are to me envied. She also has a very handy husband.
The other Penny has just moved into a new home and is making it her own in so many ways. Her kitchen is absolutely beautiful. She has accessorized beautifully and I am waiting for her first Beef Bourguignon.
Rosa is cooking out of a beautiful kitchen in Germany. She has a unique storage area and lots of sun coming through her kitchen windows. She loves to make her own pasta.
Toni lives in a 900 sq. ft. Tuscan style older home in California. She remodeled her kitchen a few years ago and it is stunning. Her pride and joy is the hand made glass light fixture over her kitchen island.
My thank you to all of you. I have enjoyed seeing your kitchens and getting to know you better.

14 responses to “The First Annual Kitchen Reveal”

  1. I stopped by earlier and thought your forgot about us and was hoping all was well with you! Your kitchen looks wonderful, it feels so inviting and relaxed. I know you miss your heirlooms and cooper pots from Lake Lure, but like you said this kitchen is more carefree…great event Penny.

    Thanks for organizing this!

  2. Penny you did such a great job organizing this… soon as I am done commenting, gonna go look at everyone elses…

    What do you think of the challenge to post photos of our kitchen at zero hour next Thursday (T-Day)

  3. Nat says:

    I love your florida kitchen Penny….!!! Gingham checkered curtains…so precious ! LOVE LOVE !

  4. Cottage Rose says:

    Hello Penny… I saw your blog site at The Comforts Of Home,,, and just had to pop over,, love your kitchen,, and I love your blog,,, happy to meet a new blog friend… I will be by again…. have a great week.


  5. Your kitchen in Florida looks just as great as your one in NC! Thanks for hosting this event. It was so much fun to see others kitchens.

  6. toni says:

    Great idea, Penny – and a wonderful way to share. Hope this grows in the coming years!

  7. girlichef says:

    This was such a fun thing to do, Penny 😀 I’ve really enjoyed all of the kitchens I’ve looked at so far! One year I may be brave enough to share mine 😉

  8. Rosabela says:

    Hi Penny,
    Sorry for my tardiness. I started the post yesterday but wasn’t able to finish it last night because I had to take care of the little ones. Here is the link to my post. Thanks for coming up with this wonderful idea and having everyone share their kitchens. 🙂 Your Florida kitchen looks wonderful and sooo uncluttered.

  9. Rosabela says:

    Thanks, Penny! I had fun reading everyone’s posts about their kitchens.


  10. Lyla says:

    Thanks for putting us all in each other’s kitchens, builds such a wonderful sense of community. No matter where you go, you make it a lovely, welcoming home. This was such fun–you are so good about keeping your blogosphere connected. Great job!

  11. Katy ~ says:

    Penny, your kitchen is so clean and crisp. It has been wonderful to see where all the kitchen magic happens.

    Some day I would like to participate, but first I would need a kitchen as nice as everyone else’s. Mine is rather humble and plain. A turkey among peacocks, grins.

  12. Robin Sue says:

    Penny I really enjoyed the tours of so many kitchens. This was such a fun post to read. Now I must go and clean my pantry!!

  13. That’s fun. I ‘m in love with your black and white curtains. So nice!

    The kitchens of your friends are nice, too.

    I will send you the picture ok my kitchens by email. I don’t write weel in English, sorry.

    Québec City

  14. Joseph Danie says:

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