French Hamburgers and Muffin Tin Potatoes

March 19th, 2012

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about these hamburgers before.  There is nothing special about them.  They are easy.  They are based on a recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.  I first had them years ago at a friend’s house.  She was working full time as a teacher and had two kids under three.  Preparing company meals was not a high priority.  But that did not stop Janice from inviting us to dinner and serving a meal that was tres chic.  With the French hamburgers she served rice pilaf, petite peas (from a frozen box), and bakery croissants.  We drank a very good jug wine.  We felt festive and pampered.

I made the French hamburgers for us last week for dinner.  I was getting ready for company for bike week and wanted an easy meal.  But this time I used a good red wine, choppped shallots instead of onions and a good quality ground round.  I could have simply made Uncle Ben’s rice (the wine sauce is good on the rice), but I had just seen a recipe on Pinterest for Muffin Tin Onion Gruyere Potato Stacks and wanted to try them.  Thinly sliced potatoes, onions and Gruyere are stacked in muffin tin cups and baked.  They are so delicious.

With the meal I served a simple succotash from a freezer bag.  Sometimes simplicity is the key to a great meal.

The only thing missing was the croissant.

Here are some pictures taken during bike week.  The first has nothing to do with bike week.

Our friends brought us berets to take with us on our trip to France in June.

We enjoyed some great riding and people watching during bike week.  But frankly I think I will have more fun in Paris.  Enjoy this (loosely) inspired meal from France.


1 pound ground beef round
1 onion chopped, or three chopped shallots
Salt and pepper to taste
garlic powder to taste
1 cup red wine

Form ground round into three patties.  Heat an iron skillet over medium-high heat.  When hot add hamburger patties, season, and cook until browned on both sides.  Remove from pan and let rest on a plate.  Reduce heat in skillet and add onion or shallots to pan.  Cook until onions are softened.  Add wine and cook for about 5 minutes to reduce slightly.  Return hamburgers to pan and cook to desired doneness.  Serve topped with wine and onion sauce.

Serves 2.


5 Baking Potatoes
2 onions, chopped
6 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups grated cheese, Gruyere or cheddar
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Heavy cream or half and half
Cooking spray
Thyme sprigs

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Thinly slice raw potatoes.  You can use a mandolin or slice them by hand 1/8th inch thick.  Set aside.  Melt about 4 tablespoons butter in a large skillet and saute onion over a low heat until traslucent and slightly golden.  Add 2 more tablespoons butter to pan and let melt.  Set aside.

Spray all twelve muffin cups of a regular size muffin pan.

Add 1 slice of potato to the bottom of each muffin cup. Salt and pepper.  Add 1 more slice of potato to each.  Top each potato evenly with 1/2 of onion butter mixture.  Add 2 more potato slices to each muffin cup.  Sprinkle 1/2 of the grated cheese evenly over potatoes.  Add 1 more potato slice to each and salt and pepper.  Add another potato slice and evenly add the remaining onion and butter mixture.  Add an additional 1 to 2 potato slices and top evely with remaining cheese.

Pour 1 tablespoon cream over each potato stack.

Bake for 35 minutes until potaotes are tender.  Remove from oven and let rest for 5 minutes.

Run a sharp knife around the edges of each muffin cup and pop each stack out with a fork.

Garnish with thyme.

Printable recipe French Hamburgers

Printable recipe Muffin Tin Potatoes

12 responses to “French Hamburgers and Muffin Tin Potatoes”

  1. This meal looks so delicious, Penny. I love potatoes prepared this way and the sauce is a lovely way to finish the meat patties. You look like you are all ready to leave for your trip. I’m so excited for you.

  2. You guys look great in your berets! I wish I was going back to Paris….you will have such a wonderful time!

    Your dinner sounds wonderful…simple is always the best….

  3. Rita says:

    What a great post! Love your photos, your adventure and of course those recipes are now in my Pinterst Boards. Always a pleasure to visit you. Thank you Penny!

  4. Big Dude says:

    I love the idea of these potatoes and must try them. Also, the meatloaf below looks killer.

  5. Ha! I pinned the same potato recipe and I’m glad that you made it. These sound spectacular. Truth be told, one of my favorite dinners is a good burger and sliced tomatoes. For real. I had forgotten how good a burger is, with red wine added to it. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. Mary says:

    What a nice meal. Both the burgers and potatoes sound wonderful. I loved the berets. They were actually a very thoughtful gift with the big trip coming up.I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  7. Pondside says:

    I’ll be trying those potatoes – they look scrumptious!

  8. A hearty and satisfying French meal. I love those potatoes too.

  9. Kat says:

    Have a safe trip home. The pork tenderloin looks delicious! Bike week looks like fun too. Who had to be strapped to the top of the vehicle? LOL!!

  10. Jann says:

    From one biker to another, you will have TONS more fun in Paris! Do you ride your own bike?

    • Penny says:

      No Jann. I ride in the “B” seat. But the Yamaha is pretty comfortable. All it takes to love it is trust in the driver.

  11. These burgers sound magnificent with the caramelized onions and red wine. I love that picture of you two with the beret, it’s so cute!

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