The Chef’s Table At Rezaz

September 21st, 2014
Reza Setayesh 2

Photo Courtesy of Rezaz

Asheville North Carolina is a mecca for fine dining.  One of the top hot spots in town is a Mediterranean restaurant called Rezaz (pron. “ray-zuhs”), located just blocks from the entrance to The Biltmore Estate.  Chef/ owner Reza Setayesh has traveled and trained widely resulting in a worldly palate.  His emphasis in the dining room is on Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, but at his Chef’s Table anything goes.  He loves to give free rein to his culinary expertise.

Rezaz Group photo

When Sam ( My Carolina Kitchen ) and her husband Meakin invited us to join them, along with BIL and SIL Stuart and Sandy, for  a chef’s table dinner we immediately accepted.  Meakin arranged for us to enjoy a 5 course French Provencal dinner with wine pairings.  The kitchen was warm and inviting on a rainy night.

Rezaz Pandelier

A nice touch was the pandelier overhead.  It is a metal sculpture made from saute pans used during the restaurant’s first decade.

Rezaz dinner 1

We were fortunate to have a highly trained waiter to explain all of the chef’s dishes to us.  Our anticipation was rewarded with the following courses.

Rezaz Plate 1

The first course consisted of three seafood preparations.  At the top left is a Smoked Salmon Rillette served with a toasted baguette and sliced radishes.  Bon Appetit has a similar recipe here.  Next to the salmon is Moule Curry (Mussels in a curry sauce with breadcrumbs).  At the bottom is a Trout and Crab Galantine ( A Trout roll stuffed with crab) with arugula pesto.

Rezaz Plate 2

Our second course was a Pan Seared Sushimi Grade Cobia (Swordfish) a la Provencal, Sauteed French Gnocchi, Seared Scallops and Summer Vegetable Ratatouille.   My, oh my, this was delicious.  Summer on a plate for sure.

Rezaz Plate 3

The next course was one of my favorites.  It was a Duck Leg Confit in a Cherry Gastrique Sauce.  The duck was moist and crispy from cooking in its own fat.  With it were Yukon Gold Potatoes and Sauteed Spinach.

Rezaz Plate 4

The next entree course was a study of three lamb preparations; a Grilled Lamb Chop, Lamb Navarin (Stew) and Lamb Gigot (Roast with French thyme and wild rosemary).  It was served with a Parsnip and Potato Mash,  and an Arugula Pesto.  It was wonderful, but we were getting full.

Rezaz Plate 5

For dessert we had a Summer Berry Clafouti and a Lemon and Berry Sorbet with a Touille Cookie.  The sorbet was so refreshing and the clafouti was just the right size.  Next time I make one, it will be a bright mix of berries like this.


As we drove back over the mountain from Asheville to Lake Lure we were sated, happy and thankful that we could spend such a lovely evening with friends.  It was a truly memorable experience.


21 responses to “The Chef’s Table At Rezaz”

  1. Sam Hoffer says:

    It truly was a memorable experience and one I’ll remember for a lifetime. We were thrilled you could join us Penny and thank you again for inviting us to your lovely home for an afternoon at the lake before dinner. A fine time was had by all.

  2. MC LaTableDeNana says:

    Love the personalized board too.
    I am sure I would do that:)
    You have such a nice friendship!

  3. Lady Gourmet says:

    Dear Penny, What a beautiful and tasty experience. Lovely. Catherine

  4. MC LaTableDeNana says:

    I find it a shame..that I just re-entered my email addy to follow you,,I did a long time refuses my entry and says I am already subscribed..
    I know that:)
    So I wonder why I don’t get your updates?
    You are not the only one..seems about 4 I love to follow don’t come through..:(

    • Michael Klett says:

      MC LaTableDeNana,
      I checked, and your email address is indeed subscribed to receive the email updates, and has been since May. Can you try looking in your Spam folder? Maybe our emails just need to be flagged as “trusted”?

  5. Mary Sullivan says:

    Oh my goodness what a feast! I’ve enjoyed Rezaz also – I’d never had a grilled romaine salad until then, it was excellent! Your food looked delicious (although I wouldn’t have eaten the meat/poultry dishes), all was presented so beautifully, and I know must have tasted wonderful.

    Nice to see Sam again – it’s been so long since our awesome Blogger party at Penny C’s, how time flies!
    Thanks Penny for sharing dining at the chef’s table – always a fun thing to do.

    Hugs – Mary

  6. Larry says:

    The meal looks spectacular, especially at the chef’s table and it’s always a joy for us to spend time with the Hofer’s and you guys.

  7. Madonna says:

    What fun Penny. That was some delicious looking food.


  8. Barbara Williams says:

    Wish I could have been there, Penny. What a great evening. Just read all about it on Sam’s blog too.

  9. Jane says:

    You had the best seat in the house and everything looked delicious, Penny! Al and I were fortunate enough to eat here one night when they kindly fit us in without reservations. We will definitely be back.

    Jane x

  10. Karen (Back Road Journal) says:

    How fun to watch as your meal was being prepared….the food looks delicious.

  11. cheri says:

    Hi Penny, great friendships are good for the soul and so rewarding, looks like you have some wonderful friends. I follow Sam’s blog as well.

  12. Susan says:

    What a delightful dinner and even better, shared with good friends. You have such a wonderful group as do we that enjoy good food and similar activities. Your photos are wonderful!

  13. Claudia says:

    I just jumped here from Sam’s blog because I couldn’t get enough of that dinner! The two of you covered it beautifully – head-to-toe and now I am hungry. But not for what I have in the house!

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