Appetizers for New Year’s

December 30th, 2015

Crostini Appetizers

This will be a very quick post, but an important one.  Because we loved these Crostini Appetizers that our DIL made for Christmas, I had to share them with you.  Either one of them would be perfect for your New Year’s Eve celebration.  I plan on making the roasted beet, dill and boursin crostini for our contribution to the appetizer table when our friends’ get together this year.

We celebrate with the same group of long time friends each year.  This year we will be in Hilton Head SC.  We spend three days together eating, laughing, playing cards, shopping, golfing for the guys, and movie going for the gals. The menus vary little from the traditions that we have established. New Years Eve includes numerous appetizers, filet of beef, potato casserole and a gorgeous salad.  New Year’s Day is slow roasted pork, black-eyed peas, rice, collard greens and corn bread.

Either one of these appetizers would be a colorful addition to your appetizer tray.  The radish and butter crostini is very simple and elegant.  The beet and dill appetizer is colorful and delicious.  Happy New Year to all of you.  I look forward to starting 2016 here with all of my blogging friends.


A mandoline or V-slicer makes quick work of slicing the radishes.

2 1/2 bunches radishes, trimmed

Unsalted butter, room temperature

20 1/4-inch-thick diagonal slices baguette, lightly toasted

Maldon sea salt or coarse kosher salt

Place radishes in medium bowl of ice water and chill at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours. Drain radishes and slice thinly.

Spread butter generously over baguette slices and sprinkle lightly with sea salt or coarse kosher salt. Arrange radish slices atop buttered baguette slices and serve.


3 to 5 beets peeled and cut into small dice

Olive oil and garlic powder

Sourdough baguette slices, lightly toasted

Fresh dill fronds

1 50z, package Garlic and Fine Herbs Boursin Cheese Spread

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.  Place diced beets on small roasting pan.  Coat with olive oil and a little garlic powder.  Roast until cooked through, about 10 to 15 minutes.  Cool.

Lightly toast baguette slices.

Assemble crostini;  Spread with cheese, top with dill and sprinkle with cooled diced beets


11 responses to “Appetizers for New Year’s”

  1. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    They both sound wonderful! Have a fun and safe New Years Eve and Day with your friends!

  2. Larry says:

    Bev would really enjoy these as she is a lover of both beets and radishes – me not so much. Hilton head sounds like a fine place to kick off the new year – have a good one.

  3. Susan says:

    Perfect appetizers for me. Enjoy our weekend and Happy New Year.

  4. They actually look really healthy Penny – I love both crunchy radishes, and beets (which of course we call beetroots in the UK!). I’m done with sweets and really want something like your crostini to nibble.
    Do have a fun time at HHI – I’ve been down a couple of times but not in winter – I love the coast in winter so perhaps will travel that way one of these days!

    Happy, healthy New Year – are you planning any big travels for 2016?

    Hugs, Mary

  5. Barbara says:

    Two great recipes for anyone’s New Year’s Eve party, Penny. They look delicious and not full of calories! So much rich food this time of year.
    Wishing you both a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  6. Darla says:

    Looks delicious. Love beets! Why didn’t my kids cook while they were in high school when I could have used their help? Kristen and David are more than making up for it now and their families are the beneficiaries. If you’re headed to the movies with the gals, make sure you see ” Brooklyn” my favorite movie of 2015. Have a fun time in HHI. Wishing you and David God’s blessings in 2016. Looking forward to seeing you in Februaary!

  7. Monique says:

    Happy new Year!
    I have made the first..very similar if not it..Ricardo..but I look forward to the beet one..they are both lovely and festive..have fun with your great group of friends.

  8. Sounds like you have a wonderful new year’s celebration planned. Happy New Year to you and David.

  9. Hilton Head sounds like a great place to celebrate with your friends. I know that they will enjoy your appetizers. Happy New Year, Penny.

  10. Susan says:

    What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year, Penny! Hilton Head is a great place to be and I remember the golfing and eating were wonderful too. Both of these crostini look delicious and I’m a big fan of radishes and beets! Happy New Year!

  11. cheri says:

    Happy New Year Penny, sounds like a wonderful tradition. Take care!

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