Oven Baked Mashed Potato Cakes

May 22nd, 2016

Mashed Potato Cakes 1

I made these delicious little mashed potato cakes before we left for Florida.  I packed what was leftover in our cooler and we have finished them while we are here preparing the house for the sale closing.  They are such an easy do ahead side dish.  The potato cakes are flavored with ham and chives with eggs, milk and butter for binding them together.

Florida House Sale 1

This was the condition of my kitchen two days ago.  All of the cabinets were emptied and the contents spread about on the counters.  I managed to find a small section of the island cleared enough to cut up carrots for roasting for that nights dinner.  By the end of the next day, most of the kitchenware was sold along with the rest of the house contents.

Florida House Sale 2

All of our art work, furniture, linens and smalls have found new homes.  We are fortunate that the new owners purchased a lot of the furniture so we still have a bed in which to sleep, a table on which to eat, and a comfy chair to recline in while watching TV.  I saved a few pots and pans, a French press coffee maker and miscellaneous tools to make simple meals possible.  The estate sale is over and we have five more days until the closing.  I shed a few tears when I left the house in the hands of my estate sale manager, knowing that when we returned at the end of that first day the house would have lost much of its charm.  But I have gotten used to the empty rooms and parting with all of this stuff is really liberating.

Mashed Potato Cakes 2V

The recipe for the potato cakes came from Eatwell 101.  They are healthier than pan fried potato cakes.  I used ham instead of pancetta. Check out the website for some lovely pictures and the recipe.  My potato cakes took longer to brown than the 10 minutes that is suggested in the recipe.  But the flavor is great and you could get creative with the ingredients.

Next up is a sheet pan dinner.  When you are reduced to making do with just a few pans, you need to get creative.

13 responses to “Oven Baked Mashed Potato Cakes”

  1. Carolyn says:

    It sounds like you are moving to FL? I was saddened when I read your post but it sounds as though you are ready for a new adventure. BTW, the Potato Cakes sound delicious.


  2. Penny at the Comforts of Home says:

    I love anything potato and these sound great! I know it must feel strange living in your house that is not looking like your house anymore! Looking forward to catching up when you guys get back and have time.

  3. Larry says:

    It’s hard to let go of our treasures. The potato cakes sound very good – never tried them in the oven.

  4. Darla says:

    Looks delicious. I know it was hard to part with your treasures, but you are correct that doing so is liberating. I felt the same way when we remodeled our VA home 7 years ago and we disposed of carloads of stuff that we didn’t use or need. I’m sure that the people who found my treasures at the Salvation Army put them to good use. Any chance you’ll make it back for Rachel’s party?

    • Penny says:

      Looks like we will miss seeing you at Rachel’s birthday party. We will be traveling back with a big commitment at the lake. Sent her birthday gift today. We will be thinking of all of you!

  5. Barbara says:

    There’s a lot to be said for selling your home with some of the furniture…I did the same thing. It’s hard to sell your bits and pieces, but I did it because I simply had to downsize. Surprisingly, I haven’t missed any kitchen things……yet!

    • Penny says:

      Thank goodness the new home owners liked out furniture. But our estate sale was also a great success. Great agent. I know you understand Barbara, having gone through the same thing.

  6. Jane says:

    Wow, this must be a bittersweet feeling. Then again it’s a new chapter in your lives. Best to both of you.

    I like the sound of this recipe…fried anything is my enemy these days so I like the look of all of those herbs and spices that give them flavor.

    We will be visiting for 8 days the last week of July. If you are not traveling maybe we can work out a dinner with our husbands as well.

    Take care,


    • Penny says:

      Jane, I hope it works out. We should be in Lake Lure then, unless David takes off on a motorcycle trip. LOL.

  7. Susan says:

    The ingredients in this little flavor-packed potato cakes sound wonderful, Penny! Good luck with the rest of your move – I’m sure it’s hard and somewhat sad but a relief when it’s all over and done.

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