David’s Fried Green Tomatoes

June 26th, 2016

Fried Green tomato 3

This will be a quick post.  We are leaving for Michigan this week for a celebration of our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  David and I both grew up there in a small town in Southwestern Michigan.  It just seemed fitting that we should return to the place where it all began.

David made these fried green tomatoes last night as an appetizer.  They were so good that I could not resist sharing his simple recipe.  What sets them apart is the Balsamic vinegar glaze.



The glaze is made from a slow reduction of true Modena Italian Balsamic Vinegar.  It has a sweet complex flavor that complements both sweet and savory dishes.  We found it at our local supermarket, but you can order it online here.

Fried Green Tomato 1

I think you will agree that this makes an outstanding appetizer or first course.


Green Tomatoes – As many as you like, sliced about 1/4 inch thick
Salt and Pepper to taste
Flour and Cornmeal in equal amounts
Smoked paprika to taste.  David used a lot.
Milk for dipping
Vegetable Oil for frying

Delallo Glaze drizzled on tomatoes to finish

After slicing tomatoes sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Mix the flour, cornmeal and smoked paprika in a shallow bowl.  Place milk in a separate shallow bowl.

Dip the tomatoes first in the milk and then dredge in the flour mixture.  Place on a large plate or cookie sheet and let rest in the fridge for about 1/2 hour to set crumb. You can skip this step if you are in a hurry.

Heat enough oil in a large skillet to generously film the bottom of the pan.  Approximately 3 tablespoons.  When oil is hot add the tomatoes and fry until the first side is golden.  Flip and fry on the other side.  Remove from pan when done and add additional batches as needed, adding more oil if pan becomes dry.

To serve, place on small plates and drizzle with the balsamic reduction.

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17 responses to “David’s Fried Green Tomatoes”

  1. Linda R says:

    This is one of our favorite condiments, so good on sliced tomatoes with burrata and fresh basil. Yummy!!
    We celebrated our 50th last year.

  2. monique says:

    Happy Anniversary! I like those balsamic glazes also..:)

    They look good and have a nice trip:)

  3. TAC says:

    Thanks for the quick pin! Have a wonderful celebration.

  4. David says:

    The photo shows Penny’s serving of the tomatoes. Penny does not like pimento cheese and requested that I leave it off her plate. My preferred serving suggestion for these fried green tomato slices is to spread a tablespoon of jalapeno pimento cheese on the plate first, topped by the tomato slices and then the balsamic glaze. In each bite you should get some cheese, some tomato, and some glaze. I think the pimento cheese adds greatly to the dish, and for the life of me I can’t understand why Penny doesn’t love it like I do. She’s been that way for 50 years…go figure.

  5. Madonna says:

    I will have to try your glaze. I bought some at TJ, but it seemed to taste like molasses which is not what I was looking for. I have never had pimento cheese, but sounds good with tomatoes.

    And, last but not least Happy Anniversary. I love a success story. 🙂

  6. Penny at The Comforts of Home says:

    First, you two are so cute! Happy Anniversary! Love fried green tomatoes and the pimento cheese sounds like a great addition.

    Have a great trip. Talk to you when you return.

  7. Barbara says:

    Yum on that glaze, Penny!
    Hope you had a wonderful time….my daughter just returned to Michigan last weekend for her 40th high school reunion. Great weather, luckily, and you can take the girl out of Michigan, but you can’t take Michigan out of the girl. 🙂

  8. I like the idea of adding smoked paprika to the recipe then topping the tomatoes with the glaze. We keep a small bottle of balsamic graze in the pantry as well. Congratulations on your anniversary, have a wonderful trip.

  9. Susan says:

    I have to try making my own fried green tomatoes one day! They look delicious, Penny. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Penny says:

    Thank you Karen. It is always nice to have good condiments in the pantry.

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