Summer Squash Casserole

August 23rd, 2016

Summer Squash Casserole 1

I remember when we had a garden and had to deal with the prolific profusion of yellow squash and zucchini.  Our lake house is too shady to support a garden these days, so I have to rely on friends, the Farmers’ Markets and the Supermarket for my squash.  You can never have too many summer squash recipes.  This one, that I adapted from The New York Times, is a winner.

Summer Squash Casserole 2v

The cooked and pureed yellow squash is combined with cheese and minced peppers, onions and flavoring and cooked in a custard of eggs and cream topped with buttered bread crumbs.  It makes a casserole that everyone will love.  It was easy to photograph too.  Photography has become important to me, although I’ve always had an interest.  I just found this early picture of myself and my Mom.  I was very proud of my new Brownie camera.

Christmas 1956

The intrepid girl photographer.  What memories this brings back.

Enjoy this summer squash casserole.  Your harvest will thank you for not wasting all of that bounty.


  • 2 pounds yellow summer squash
  • 7 tablespoons butter
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1 large clove garlic, chopped
  • ½ red bell pepper, chopped
  • ½ green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and chopped (optional)
  • 4 slices plain white bread, toasted
  • 24 Ritz crackers, crumbed in food processor
  • ½ pound sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  • 4 large eggs, beaten
  • ½ cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter a 2 1/2-quart baking dish. Cut the squash into 1/2-inch-thick slices. Cook in boiling, salted water until tender, about 10 minutes. Drain. Purée in a food processor.
  2. Melt 6 tablespoons of the butter over medium heat. Add the onion, garlic and peppers and cook until just tender. Meanwhile, crumb the toast in a food processor, melt remaining butter and toss together.
  3. Mix the squash purée, onions, peppers, garlic, cracker crumbs and cheese. Stir in the eggs, cream, sugar and seasonings. Blend well. Pour into the baking dish. Top with bread crumbs and bake until browned, about 40 minutes.

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14 responses to “Summer Squash Casserole”

  1. That sounds good! Love the picture of you and your Mom. Your photo of the dish is great.

  2. Bonnie says:

    This looks (and sounds) like a squash casserole my mother baked frequently during the summers in Virginia where squash seemed to be in every garden. We loved it and I plan to do your recipe. Thanks!


    • Penny says:

      I hope you enjoy it Bonnie. I substituted whole wheat toast for the white bread and used 1/2 and 1/2 instead of cream. Every little bit helps.

  3. Monique says:

    I took pics at 10 also:) With a square black Kodak..if I remember correctly..
    This dish sounds good..what a great pic Penny!
    And look at all those Xmas cards! So different today.

  4. Jane says:

    This looks and sounds great. I no longer grow those zucchini that seem to appear overnight but they are abundant. Thanks!

    Great picture of you and your Brownie and mom. I see a bit of you then as in now!!


    • Penny says:

      I’m glad that we no longer grow yellow squash and zucchini. At least I can now control how much I have to deal with. Thanks Jane.

  5. My ex-sisterinlaw used to make a squash casserole that my husband enjoyed but it was not nearly as good sounding as this one is. I can’t wait to make this for us.

  6. Katie Zeller says:

    Ritz crackers….. I loved those! I bet they made a great topping! Love the looks of this dish.

  7. yvonne says:

    So happy I found your blog
    Looks delish.
    Yvonne a N. Carolina gal living in Maine

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