February 25th, 2019

Carol Lane

I should not be the one to write this tribute to Carol.  She had so many friends who would have been the ones to do her life honors. But I feel a need to express my admiration.  I’m sure her friends will have much more to say in their own words.

For a very short time (2 weeks recently) we finally got to know Carol and Larry here in New Smyrna Beach where we all stay for the Winter.  We live in Lake Lure and Carol and Larry owned a Bed and Breakfast in our adjoining town of Chimney Rock. Because they were so busy with their very successful business, they had little time to make friends in our community.  Carol was a breakfast genius cook for the bed and breakfast and a marketing maven for their shop.  In spite of her busy schedule, she made friends with a close group of women.  I wish I had been one of them.

When we came to New Smyrna Beach for the winter, Larry and Carol invited us for a boat ride on the Indian River with them.  It was a warm day and a lovely time.  Carol was fighting cancer, but feeling strong. I was immediately drawn to her sweet personality. Unfortunately cancer took her quickly.

My mind is full of regrets. So many times we keep to ourselves instead of reaching out to friends and neighbors. We have so much to lose by not getting to know those around us.  I missed getting to know a genuine angel.

The last time I saw her in the hospital she said “I love you”. Her spirit was inclusive and kind.  My heart goes out to you Larry. Carol cannot be replaced.


17 responses to “Carol”

  1. Michele says:

    Penny, what a wonderful heartfelt tribute to your friend Carol. Your statement regarding reaching out to get to know friends and neighbors better is so true for me, I always keep my distance, self preservation is my aloofness, but I still care for them. I believe your friend was well aware of your love for her. I will try harder, your words have touched me deeply. Thank you.

    • Penny says:

      Thank you Michele. I am equally guilty of keeping to myself, but Carol’s example has made a lasting impression on me. I appreciate you sharing with me.

  2. Lynne Beattie says:

    Such a beautiful tribute to your friend. Also, thank you for reminding us all be thankful every day for all the special people in our lives. Healing thoughts to all of Carol’s friends and family.

  3. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says:

    Penny I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your recent friend. Sending you hugs.

  4. Treva Cole says:

    You did your friend justice. You made me want to know her, too! Her job was done, on to the rewards of a life well lived.

  5. Ti says:

    Cancer is a beast. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. Even in the brief time you knew her, her spirit certainly shined through.

  6. Monique says:

    A lovely heartfelt tribute.
    What a lovely pic too..outdoors..with nature.
    You put it so well ..

  7. Madonna says:

    It is so painful to lose good people. My condolences to you and Carol’s family and friends. I teared up over this tribute and smiled when you referred to her as a breakfast genius.

  8. Penny says:

    She was that Madonna. But Larry told me that he was the scrambled egg man. A true collaboration. Thank you for being here and your kind words.

  9. Love to you and all of those whose lives were touched by Carol. We all need to slow down and find time wherever we can to surround ourselves with those we love.

    Love to you,



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