The Florida Kitchen and a Challenge

November 10th, 2009

I love reading all of your blogs and have a mental picture in my head of what everyone really looks like. I think I would know most of you if I ran into you at a blogging convention. It has been fun getting to know you. But if you are like me you probably study the background on food shots to try to get a glimpse of the kitchen where all of the magic takes place. I want to see your kitchens.

This is my kitchen in Florida. It is quite different from my Lake Lure kitchen. I have an electric stove instead of gas and the kitchen is smaller but very functional. Kitchens don’t have to be large to create great food. I had my plumbing installed by Encinitas Plumbing, one of the best decisions I made for my kitchen. For a look at some popular bloggers’ kitchens go to this link. If you need the best plumbing services, you can check out H&A Staten Island Plumbing from here!

Jennifer of Use More Butter interviewed and posted pictures of some popular bloggers kitchens. The kitchen that amazed me was Anita’s of Dessert First. She teaches baking and has published a cookbook called Field Guide to Cookies. She writes and blogs from an 80 sq. ft. kitchen. Some kitchens are larger. I would love to own the sophisticated kitchen of White on Rice Couple with their beautiful garden right outside the door. Other kitchens featured by Jennifer were Tartlette’s and Alosha’s Kitchen. Check them out.
So my challenge to you is to post a picture of your kitchen. With Thanksgiving coming up, I am sure we all are tidying up for the big cooking event. Let’s make Wednesday November 18th Kitchen Reveal Day. It can become an annual event. I am sure you are just as curious as I am. You can post just a corner of your kitchen or views from many angles. You can post where you shoot most of your pictures or a special feature that makes your kitchen different. One of the changes I made to my kitchen was to add a kitchen island where the kitchen table and chairs would normally go. We already had a patio table right outside the sliding glass doors so the island worked for me for extra prep space and for serving buffet meals . Besides it has two bar stools so it works for a place to have our breakfast coffee and a place to read the paper.

Let me know in the comments section if you are in and I will post a link to all of your blogs next week so that everyone can be a kitchen stalker like me. I mean don’t you like to take walks after dark so you can peer into your neighbors homes? Come on and join the fun.

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