France: The Week in Paris

October 15th, 2017

There is no better way to start a blog post on Paris than with French bread.  Baguettes are available in every Boulangerie in France and it seems that every other person that you see on the street has one tucked under his/her arm.  This was my attempt at duplicating it a while back.  You can find the recipe here.  We are back from our two week trip to France and are slowly easing back into our normal time zone.

Place Vendome

On a drizzly day in Paris, we walked from our apartment near Notre Dame Cathedral in the 5th Arrondissement to the Place Vendome in the 1st Arrondissement.  We were with our French friends Laurent and Carole.  Place Vendome is home to the Paris Ritz Carlton where Lady Diana was staying before her unfortunate accident.  The Ritz is temporarily closed for renovations.  All of the high end jewelry stores are also on the square.

Palais Royal

We also visited the Palais Royal.  The inner courtyard was transformed in 1986 by a controversial art installation known as Les Colonnes De Buren.  The artist, Daniel Buren, envisioned a conceptual grid of varying heights of black and white striped columns.  Many thought that the whimsical columns clashed with the classical architecture surrounding them.  But today it appears that people are enjoying the whimsy.  There was even a bride and groom posing for their photographer on two of the taller columns.

Carole Palais Royal

Our French friend Carole also posed.  I couldn’t enhance the previous picture because it was on another camera, but this was from Instagram on my iPhone.  Love the options for enhancement on Instagram. Love Carole’s French elan.

Luxembourg GardensOn a sunnier Fall day we spent some time in the Luxembourg Gardens.  The Luxembourg Palace was commissioned by Marie de’ Medici, the widow of  Henry IV.  She designed the gardens to conform to designs from her native Florence.

Notre Dame Cathedral

David got up early one morning and walked the several blocks to Notre Dame with the intention of climbing to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral to commune with the gargoyles.  I am pleased to report that he made it to the top.

David at Notre Dame

The 400 steps winding upward were a challenge but he was proud that he made it.  Not bad for a 70 something guy.  The views of Paris were awesome.

Shakespeare and Company

We enjoyed visiting the iconic Shakespeare and Company.  This bookstore has been around for decades and was a hang out for some of our most illustrious American authors.  Browsing the books was enjoyable and we also appreciated the staff who Googled information for us.  It is such a friendly place.

Paris Flower Market

After leaving Shakespeare and Co. we crossed the bridge to the island of Ile de Cite to walk through the Flower and Bird Market.  It is always a tranquil place in the busy city.

Eiffel Tower

We ended a day with a river cruise on the Seine.  J’aime Paris.  There will be more about restaurants in my next post.

14 responses to “France: The Week in Paris”

  1. Madonna says:

    How fun Penny. May I ask how fluent are you with the French language?

    Oh and good for David. We all have fitbits and are counting our steps here.

    • Penny says:

      Not at all fluent Madonna. We get by with a few words and find that if you make the effort, Parisians appreciate it and will respond in English.

  2. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says:

    I saw many of those places when we were in Paris. It is such a lovely city and I am happy you are sharing your trip!

  3. Sam Hoffer says:

    I’ve followed your trip on Facebook. Looks like a great time for all.

    • Penny says:

      It was great Sam. I still think your trip in Provence was the best, but we did see some new villages in the South and loved our week in Paris.

  4. Susan says:

    Looks like a perfect trip. And you ate and drank for all of, I hope.

    • Penny says:

      Ate and drank too much Susan. We are detoxing this week. LOL. We are beginning to realize that these trips are getting to be too much for us. But we will still keep on. Love exploring the world.

  5. Denise says:

    What a lovely trip you had and your pictures are great! I agree when you carry a loaf of bread under your arm or hanging out of a bag on your shoulder people seem to smile and be happier!

  6. Jane says:

    I so enjoyed your photos, and the realness in your commentary. The warmth in sharing a great time with friends is so YOU, Penny!

    Bravo to David for that climb-I climbed the steps at Bunker Hill in Boston (at the ripe old age of 20) and thought I would die before I reached the top. lol!

    I’m excited to hear about your dining experiences!


  7. It sounds like your week in Paris was wonderful even if the weather wasn’t perfect. Actually, how can you not have a great time…it is Paris, after all. 😀

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